The Faces of Health Care: Peter M.

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“…I’ve felt strong enough to liberate some of my extra savings that I’d been holding onto for healthcare emergencies, so I’m now able to help more with my son’s college expenses … My guess is that there are many more Americans whose new health insurance is already allowing them to contribute more fully to the economy and their communities.”

Peter M. is a single dad from Austin, Texas who was uninsured for 10 years after his previous self-proclaimed “junk” insurance grew increasingly expensive. And he’s experienced his fair share of health problems: At the time he wrote the President this past June, he was doing part-time work to help make ends meet while managing his illness.

Here’s the good news: After enrolling in a plan through the Health Insurance Marketplace that kicked in last January, Peter wrote the President to let him know that he was “starting to have dreams of working full time again.” He began freeing up his extra savings — tucked away in case of health care emergencies — to help pay for his son’s college expenses, to refinance his home, and even to buy a new car.

For Americans like Peter, affordable coverage thanks to health reform hasn’t just meant being able to better provide for their own families — but being able to contribute to both the economy and their local communities, as well. That’s a big deal.

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Dan Pfeiffer Joins Medium: "Breaking Down the ‘Worst’ Year in Washington"

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Today, Senior Advisor Dan Pfeiffer joined the new publishing platform Medium — authoring a post that reflects on the incredible amount of progress made in 2014 despite some claims that the President had “the worst year in Washington.” Moving forward, he will continue to post important highlights, insights, and reflections on the President’s agenda.

(For more posts from across the Administration, be sure to also follow President Obama and the White House on Medium, as well.)

In today’s post, he reflects on 2014 as a year of real and meaningful progress for President Obama and the progressive agenda — no matter what the critics have said. He goes on to note a few meaningful progress points from the year:

  1. 2014 has been the strongest year of job growth since the 1990s.

  2. America’s uninsured rate dropped to near-historic lows in 2014 — In spite of the fact that this time a year ago, politicians and the press were predicting the demise of the Affordable Care Act.

  3. The President made historic progress across the board on the central global challenge of the next century: Climate change and environmental protection.

  4. President Obama’s Executive Action to fix our immigration system is the most meaningful effort in decades to make the system fairer, more transparent, and more predictable.

  5. In his six years in office, the President has reshaped the federal judiciary to include more women, minorities, gays, and lesbians, so it might resemble more closely the nation it serves.

Read the full post on Medium — and then share it with anyone you know who might need a reminder of exactly how much got done in 2014.

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West Wing Week 12/19/14 or, "Todos Somos Americanos"

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This week, the President traveled to Fort Dix to thank our troops, took action to protect Alaska’s Bristol Bay, and announced historic changes to America’s relationship with Cuba. That’s December 12th to December 18th or, “Todos Somos Americanos.”

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